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about Flavonoids

Flavonoids compounds are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and feed industries.

With various flavonoids products, especially full series products of citrus and sophora. Benepure becomes a major supplier in this market.


In our desire to fully respect people and nature around the world, Benepure focuses on using its full enthusiasm and new attitude to bring the world health, happiness and beauty.


Deliver customers more added value by decreasing costs, simplifying intermediate links, improving products quality in order to guarantee genuine goods at a fair price and a high standard of products.


We are committed to innovation. At present, it has more than 20 patents.

Citrus Series

Botanical Source:

Citrus aurantilum l., Citrus grandis l., Citrus sinensis l., etc.

Specification:  30%~80% HPLC


quality control system

Green, healthy, environmental protection and sustainable development are the principles we unswervingly adhere to.
Benepure has established an integrated industry chain from raw material purchase to delivery to every client all over the world.
7 critical stages and 27 control processes are strictly supervised, every step being operated by experienced and dedicated technicians, ensuring superior products and services with safety, high efficiency and strong competition.

Citrimore is formed for citrus extracts and their derivatives.

Troxepure refers to natural Sophora Japonica L. extracts and derivatives.

Resvepure is dedicated for Resveratril, classified as non of polyphenols with biological property, isolated from the plant source peanuts, grapes, polygonum cuspidatum, etc.

Sweemore refers to the natural sweeteners, providing 100% natural, healthier and safer substances for consumers.

Brands Strategy

Let's BENEPURE the world


We are committed to providing customers with different product solutions, for which we set up different brands to meet the needs of customers.

social responsibility


Our objective is to allow sustainable development to be an accepted norm of everyday life.

About Us

Benepure is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality healthy ingredients for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, functional food, and feed industries.


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