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Natural extract

We have a strong capacity for carrying out the best solutions to add new value to products for our customers in the pharmaceutical, functional food, cosmetics, and feed industries.

Technical personnel

Benepure’s PhDs and engineers that form the scientific teams come from diverse backgrounds in food processing, chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacy sectors, in which over 15% of specialized staff engage in research and development work. More than 99% of personnel hold Certificates of Bachelor’s Degree and over 60 specialized employees make it possible to drive Benepure’s research and development.

We’re devoted to delivering not only our special products but customized products as well as our professional services to customers’ characters and requirements


committed to high-quality maunfacturing

Benepure owns 3 plants manufacturing botanical extracts, APIs, and amino acids series products in China. Benepure prides itself on manufacturing system standards above the GMP of multiple countries, which can meet the demands of various international regulations. So far,benepure works with 5 CMO factories in strategy and keeps seeking cooperation with more quality manufacturers to improve its product supply chain.

step ahead solutions

Benepure has set up an advanced Quality Control System and cooperated with multiple national independent laboratories for third-party testing. Meanwhile, laboratories of benepure and other capital investment research companies are equipped with advanced and high-efficiency testing equipment to ensure exceptional quality and stability of the ingredients produced and sourced The strong ability of research and development enables the sustainability for benepure to develop more effective and professional healthy ingredients and reliable stable quality to customers worldwide.